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House Not Cooling Off? Your Refrigerant May Be Leaking

House Not Cooling Off? Your Refrigerant May Be Leaking

It’s been another hot summer here in central Texas, and you’ve given your air conditioner a full workout thus far. However, we both know there’s a lot of summer left and you’ll need your AC to continue being at its best if you want to keep beating the heat without having to call the Texas AC Specialist.

The last thing you want is low refrigerant due to a leak because it acts like a sponge in that it absorbs warm indoor air and transfers it outside. You get the benefits of this in the form of recirculated cool air. If you suspect any such issues, you’ll want to do some DIY HVAC maintenance.

So how can you know whether or not your AC is running low on refrigerant? Read on to find out the 6 most common signs.

Higher Electric Bills

If your home or office AC unit is low on refrigerant, it will need to use more energy to recirculate cool air than normal. This inefficiency leads to higher energy bills.

A Strange Hissing Noise

Refrigerant is not like the juice in a battery – it cannot be “used up”. The only way your unit is low on refrigerant is because the air conditioner is losing it due to a leak. Anything more than a minor leak will produce a hissing sound as the refrigerant seeps out, which could signify more than just simple HVAC maintenance to fix the issue.

Not Cooling Down Quickly

If your house or business is not cooling down quickly despite being on a low-temperature setting, it’s a good bet your refrigerant levels are low.

Your Vents Are Blowing Warm Air

Another obvious sign that you are low on refrigerant, the mystery of why your office or home is not cooling off very well is now solved.

Icy Refrigerant Line

If the refrigerant line is frozen, this most likely means your unit is low on refrigerant. However, this is a major problem that could cause major damage to the compressor in the outside unit, which would require more than just basic HVAC maintenance; it could result in your having to replace the whole unit.

Water Accumulation near the Main Unit

Due to condensation inside the main unit, a leak could start and cause water to accrue on the floor around the unit.

Got More Questions about HVAC Maintenance? Call the Texas AC Specialist

If after reading this, you suspect that your AC unit is running low on refrigerant, contact the Austin Texas AC Specialisttoday for a maintenance check. You can add refrigerant as a temporary stop-gap measure to keep you and your family or co-workers cool in the heat, but it won’t solve your problem. You’ll need professional repair, so make that call today.


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