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The Nest: A Dream Come True for Heating and Air Conditioning

The Nest: A Dream Come True for Heating and Air Conditioning

If you don’t have a smart thermostat in your home, you might be losing money from your heating and air conditioning system’s lack of efficiency. It’s not the dead of summer yet, but it’s still hot enough here in central Texas that you’re running your AC a lot when you’re home.

However, you know that when you’re gone, your house heats way up very quickly. You also know that it takes a lot of energy to cool the house back down. But what if you had a smart thermostat? How efficient would that be? Better yet… what if you had one that learned?

Nest Sense

The best smart thermostat on the market is Nest, which released its 3rd Generation unit several months ago. Here are a few of the advanced features that will make you shake your head in wonder.


This is the smart learning feature. Keep it on, and the Nest learns all about your heating and air conditioning habits and preferences. Turn the Nest off, and it will cease learning.


We could go into detail about how the system begins designing an algorithm that understands your habits and…

Or, we could just put it this way: tell the Nest what temperature you want (say, right now, it’s 62° but you want 71°), and it tells you how long it will take to reach it.


Not only does the Nest adjust the temperature based on whether or not someone is home, it can be programmed to get as warm as you want in winter or as cool as you want in summer. When no one’s home, the Nest adjusts according to your settings. Pretty cool.


Perhaps the only heating and air conditioning feature that isn’t eco-friendly is this particular one. However, it’s nice. Simply put, using information from Time-to-Temp, the Nest knows that you like the home to be 68° when you get home every night at 10:00pm. Thus, it knows the precise time necessary to begin for your home to be at 68° when you arrived.


The symbol of a leaf appears at every feature that’s eco-friendly or saves you money, so you always know whether the system is being efficient or not. No surprises on your energy bill.


With traditional thermostats, when the A/C stops, the fan does, too. On the Nest, this feature runs the fan for a while once the AC stops. This ups your efficiency, as the cool air continues to be distributed through your home.

Call the Texas AC Specialist to Find Out More about the Nest

Now that you’ve read about the amazing Nest and how it could benefit your heating and air conditioning bills, find out more about the Nest and see if one could be installed in your home by contacting the Texas AC Specialist today.


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