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Thinking about a Nest Smart Thermostat? Read This First

Thinking about a Nest Smart Thermostat? Read This First

Admit it, your heating and air conditioning bills are driving you crazy, so you’re looking into various ways to save yourself money. Since there are several selections lets consider what the Nest smart thermostat can provide.

Will a Nest Thermostat Work in My Home?

While a Nest smart thermostat will almost certainly help you save money with its incredible features – after all, it learns – it’s important to keep in mind that it is not compatible with every type of home system or wires.

What Systems Are Nest Thermostats Compatible With?

While the Nest learning thermostat does not work well with line voltage or millivolt systems, it works almost exclusively with low voltage 24-volt systems. However, there are exceptions, including the fact that Nest won’t work with low voltage heating and air systems that have uncommon or incompatible wires.

Nest thermostats will not work well with the following systems:
  • Systems with Remote Sensors - Actually, it might be compatible with systems that have remote sensors; the problem is that Nest won’t be able to communicate with or gather data from the existing remote sensors.
  • Certain Micro-Controller Systems - If you have a system that features a micro-controller and not a relay, it may run erratically when power sharing. If this is the case, the Nest thermostat probably needs a common wire to make it run more smoothly.
  • Systems with High Impedance - If your system has high impedance, a Nest thermostat won’t get enough power via the wires of your HVAC system. In this case, you would need a common wire for compatibility.
  • Proprietary Systems - State-of-the-art systems with proprietary features such as a serial code that facilitates communication between your heating and air system and the thermostat may be convenient and efficient, but the Nest smart thermostat cannot communicate with serial protocols.
  • Incompatible Hardware - Several systems include control panels or relay panels that need a common wire to mesh with the Nest smart thermostat. Panels that need a common wire are found on systems developed by manufacturers such as Honeywell, Carrier, Nordyne, Bryant, and more.

Call the Texas AC Specialist to Learn More

If you’ve been considering getting a Nest smart thermostat, don’t make a move until you talk to the pros at Texas AC & Plumbing Specialist today. Nest will work well with many low-voltage heating and air conditioning systems, but not all of them. If you need to know whether or not your hardware, its wiring, and the system itself will work with this amazing thermostat, then don’t hesitate to contact the Texas AC Specialist today.

Call Texas AC & Plumbing Specialist today at (512) 580-7551 or contact us online to schedule a smart thermostat installation service in Austin!


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