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Tips to Keep Your AC in Late Summer Shape

Tips to Keep Your AC in Late Summer Shape

It’s still August here in central Texas, and every day, thousands of HVAC systems continue to keep Austin residents cool. But summer won’t be with us much longer, and as your thoughts turn to school and football, don’t ignore seemingly minor problems with your AC unit.

It’s always a bad idea to let anything go uninspected, such as an odd rattling sound, even toward the end of summer. After all, we live in Texas – heat waves can hit us at any time, even in winter. You’ll want your AC to be ready on demand when that happens.

Ignore It Now, Pay for It Later

Don’t let any issues go unattended because it’ll cost you much more down the road. To help prevent that,following are some other aspects to keep in mind before letting your system lie dormant for most of the winter.

Check Air Filter

All over Austin, HVAC systems have probably run their AC filters into the ground with everyday use. Yours has probably been through a similar ringer, so it’s time to change it. If your AC unit is independent of your heater, you’ll want to change or clean the filter to be ready for spring (or that January heat wave). However, even if you have a combo AC/furnace system, you’ll still want to change or clean the filter because you don’t want a dirty filter when you turn on the heater for the first time.

Flush AC Drain Line

This one is commonly forgotten, but you’re too smart for that. Letting the line stand for months without being cleaned usually means mold and bacteria will make themselves at home and clog up your drain and/or cause water damage.

Test CO (Carbon Monoxide)Detector

Cold weather will be here before you know it, so regardless which of the HVAC systems on the market you own, you’ll be using a water heater, stove, furnace, and/or boiler for your heating needs, so test your CO detector to make sure it’s working. Or buy one if you don’t have one.

Clean Condenser

Check your outdoor heat pump or condenser. Wipe away any dust, dirt, leaves, sticks, grass, and more. If necessary, clear away debris or prune nearby plants so the unit has enough space.

Make a Thermostat Change

You can try one of two options. Change the batteries in your regular thermostat so you’ll always have power. Or upgrade your thermostat completely with a smart thermostat. This latter move will lower your power bills and simplify your life.

Call the Texas AC Specialist with Late Summer HVAC Systems Maintenance Questions

AC systems should be regularly maintained, even before or during the “offseason”. There may not be much summer left, and you may not use your AC after another several weeks, but you don’t want to let any seemingly harmless issues go uninspected. Your bank account will not appreciate it. If you’re not sure about DIY HVAC maintenance, or if you think the issue is too serious for you to repair, contact the Austin AC professionals at the Texas AC Specialist today


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