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Diagnosing the Causes of Your AC Water Leak
Diagnosing the Causes of Your AC Water Leak

It’s almost August. Summer is on full blast here in central Texas, which means so is your air conditioner (probably 24/7, too). So far, your AC has worked well, providing you and your family relief from day after day of 100+ heat index conditions. However, something you saw ...

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  • AC Noises That Should Make You Afraid (of Costly Repairs)

    If you’re like many central Texas residents, the steady hum of a working, fully operational AC unit is music to your ears. So, it’s jarring when your ...

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  • Four Ways to Cool 2 Rooms with 1 Window AC Unit

    Do you swelter watching TV in the living room while others sleep comfortably in a cooler bedroom? Is one room always cooler than other areas of your ...

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  • Why It's Cool to Get Your Heater Checked When the Weather's Hot

    Hot, sultry weather is here and all you can think about is how to stay cool. But this is Texas – it’s horribly hot now, but it won’t be too long ...

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  • Seasonal HVAC Tips: Making Your Air Conditioning System More Efficient

    Check out James from Texas A.C. Specialist talking about a 25% savings on easy fixes for improving the performance of your Austin air conditioner. ...

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