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AC Noises That Should Make You Afraid (of Costly Repairs)

AC Noises That Should Make You Afraid (of Costly Repairs)

If you’re like many central Texas residents, the steady hum of a working, fully operational AC unit is music to your ears.

So, it’s jarring when your AC starts making unusual sounds. Some simply signify a small, easily fixable problem. However, other sounds may mean you need serious AC repair from a pro like the Texas AC Specialist.

However, not all sounds mean the same thing, so before you have to make that call, let’s take a look at the types of sounds your HVAC system could be making and what they might mean.

Clank, Rattle, and Bang

This does not indicate a menacing poltergeist is demanding release from the other side; usually, it means the unit’s motor or blower assembly has a problem, such as a loose component. If you’re a DIYer, take a look yourself. Otherwise, you might need a pro to check it out.

If you ignore it, and the sound gets louder, then it likely means something is broken or completely disconnected. This is more serious, and you’ll have to shut your system off and call the Texas AC Specialist to see how much HVAC repair you’re looking at.

Squealing Like a Pig or Screeching Like a Hawk

Other than just being an annoyance, these types of high-pitched sounds might be coming from the blower motor, which could indicate a malfunctioning belt or motor. It’s usually easy and inexpensive to replace a belt, so try to do so immediately, or else it will break and shut down the blower.

A heavy duty lubricant (not a light one like a 3-in-1 oil) could take care of this issue quickly and easily, so give it a try. If it doesn’t work, however, you might have to call in the specialist.

Click, Click, Click…

Make sure you don’t confuse this with the clicking noises your HVAC system makes when it cuts on or off. Instead, this is a repeated clicking sound coming from the outside compressor or control panel. This could signify a defective relay or some kind of electrical issue. Get this checked out quickly so it doesn’t lead to seriously costly HVAC repair.

Thwap, Thwap

Do you know the sound a bike makes when a child puts playing cards in the spokes of his or her bike and then takes a ride? For the child who customizes his or her bike like this, the sound is cool. However, coming from your AC, it’s not too cool because it could mean that something is stuck on the blades of the blower or there is an object within the housing that hits the fan while it rotates.

In and of itself, this is not a major problem. However, don’t let it continue unabated. Inspect the blower and remove whatever object is responsible for the noise. Otherwise, leaving this unattended will wear the motor out quickly and force you to get costly HVAC repair.

Find Out More from the Texas AC Specialist

The main point to take from this is that if you hear any unusual sound from your AC this summer, don’t ignore it. Give your system a quick assessment to see if you can find the issue. If you’re unable to diagnose the reason for the noise, then don’t hesitate to contact the Texas AC Specialist ASAP.


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