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4 Easy DIY Tips to Fix Your Central Texas AC

4 Easy DIY Tips to Fix Your Central Texas AC

Central Texas is not the ideal place for summertime issues with your AC. Of course, Texas AC Repair Specialists can certainly help you with any air conditioning repair services you need. However, we also know that some issues are small enough to be repaired by DIYers.

As such, here are 4 easy DIY tips to help prevent hot, restless nights from poorly running air conditioning units.

DIY Tip 1

Clean or replace the filter. If it’s hopelessly irreparable, you need to replace it. Otherwise, cleaning a reusable filter isn’t too difficult. If you don’t clean it, potentially debilitating fungi or bacteria can form, and inhaling it can cause any allergies or asthma symptoms to start up.

To clean the filter, remove the filter casing and then the filter. Using water, a cloth, and gentle soap, thoroughly clean the filter and then dry before reattaching it. To maximize performance and durability, clean every other week during periods of heavy use and once every 6-8 weeks otherwise. Dry before reattaching.

DIY Tip 2

Check the condenser unit fan. It’s almost certainly covered with dust and debris, so it will need to be cleaned.

The process is not too difficult (if it is, though, contact Texas AC Repair Specialists for this other professional air conditioning repair services): take off the unit cover, detach the screw that secures the fan in place, and remove the fan. After you clean the fan with a cloth, lubricate the fan motor with manufacturer-recommended oil.

DIY Tip 3

Clean outside unit. The elements can wreak havoc on the outside unit, causing grass, dirt, dust, and leaves to collect on the unit. This reduces airflow and efficiency.

To clean, use a water hose or even water from a bucket or basin to wash out the excess debris. Furthermore, you should also prune back any shrubs, limbs, leaves, and other parts of surrounding plants and trees that could hinder airflow and proper operation.

DIY Tip 4

Perform routine checkups. Preventative maintenance is always a good idea. Parts like fuses, breakers, thermostat will break down, so you should check them regularly to make sure the wiring and other connections are in the right places and linked properly.

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Serious AC Issues Need Professional AC Maintenance

Keep in mind that these DIY tips are for minor, easy-to-repair issues. For major issues that prevent you from enjoying the comforts of cool air despite the brutal outside conditions, you need professional air conditioning repair services from Texas AC Repair Specialists. Contact us today!


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