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Air Conditioning Coolant: Diagnosis and Replacement

Air Conditioning Coolant: Diagnosis and Replacement

Do you know who to call when your air conditioning unit breaks down? For many homeowners, air conditioners are one of the last things on their minds. A reliable HVAC repair technician in the Austin area can save homeowners substantial money and annoyance. TXAC Specialists is an Austin based air conditioning and heating company with years of experience. Our skilled technicians respond on short notice or to emergencies to help keep our customers comfortable.

One of the most common reasons an AC unit stops working properly is that they simply ran out of coolant. Though air conditioners break down for a number of reasons, qualified AC repair in Austin can identify potential faults and points of error.

Keep Your Air Blowing Cold in Austin Summer

Depending on the model and manufacturer, air conditioners can use a variety of coolants to control temperature. For many modern HVAC systems, the most common refrigerant is a hydroflurochlorocarbon (HFCC) known as “R-22” as generally referred to Freon. Levels for this particular coolant or refrigerant should be checked once a year. These types of refrigerants are due to be replaced with more environmental versions by 2020 and as a result are becoming more expensive. Modern air conditioning units are starting use “R-32” refrigerant that reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Austin Air Conditioning Upgrades

In just a few short years, the basic materials necessary for operating many older air conditioner units will no longer be available. Manufacturing of Freon and units that run on it will cease. This will require many homeowners to invest in updated AC units that run on coolants that reduce greenhouse gases. The skilled professionals at TXAC Specialists can help identify economical options for homeowners in need of an upgrade.

Austin Air Conditioning

The prospect of dealing with large bills for air conditioner upgrades can be daunting for any homeowner. The professionals at Texas Air Conditioning Specialists understand the need for help improving the HVAC systems in your home. TXAC Specialists can offer financing. Our simple application process can get you approved for a new air conditioning system in just a few short minutes.

Central Texas AC Repair and Installation

Helping homeowners maintain their HVAC systems has been the primary mission of TXAC Specialists for years. Our air conditioning and heating professionals have years of experience helping Austin homeowners keep their homes comfortable. To guarantee long term performance, we rely on the most reputable HVAC manufacturers, such as Carrier and Trane, for our equipment. In a matter of hours, you can have an estimate and financing ready for your new air conditioning and heating system. Contact TXAC Repair Specialists today for more information!


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