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Austin Temperature Conditions

Austin Temperature Conditions

For scientific reasons, Austin is defined as a humid subtropical climate. While winters are usually mild with temperatures in the lower forties, summers can be extreme. During more than a third of the year, temperatures in Austin exceeds 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This level of heat can be difficult to endure without help from a working HVAC system. Qualified AC technicians help maintain comfortable temperatures regardless of the outside conditions.

Staying Comfortable in Central Texas Weather

When the mercury starts to rise in late May, homeowners need to prevent potential failures of their HVAC systems. Regular maintenance is one of the best way to keep an AC unit operational. The talented technicians at TXAC Specialists can identify and prevent air conditioner system failure with a simple annual inspection. If homeowners fail to have their AC units regularly serviced then failures are much more likely. The intense heat of Austin can become dangerous, making air conditioning more than about comfort.

Beat the Heat in Central Texas

One of the primary reasons Austin maintains large stretches of green space is to help control temperature. Protected lands, like the Barton Creek and Greenbelt areas, absorb sunlight without radiating it back into the surrounding air. More urban areas with large slabs of concrete tend to experience higher temperatures compared to those near grass or wooded areas. Planting trees and bushes near buildings can also lower temperatures and increase the efficiency of HVAC systems. Shade and landscaping design will also lower energy costs.

Central Texas Winters and Climate

Heating in winter is also required for a comfortable Austin living experience but it is not as necessary as air conditioning. In total, there are less than 20 days in Austin where the temperature drops below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Snowfall is extremely rare in Austin but the area does experience the occasional ice storm. As a result, Austin area homeowners will probably not be using their heaters beyond capacity. Quality insulation and modern equipment should be more than sufficient to get almost anyone through a Texas winter.

Temperature Control in Spring and Fall in Austin, Texas

One of the best benefits of living in Austin are the periods when the outside temperature is optimal. These periods can last for weeks or even a month or two, depending on the year. Residents of Austin routinely enjoy 60 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit for up to six months every year. During these periods, many Austinites prefer to limit their HVAC system use. This results in dramatically lowered energy use and prolongs the life of an AC unit. These periods during the fall and spring are ideal for regular maintenance and service for your heating and air conditioning.


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