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Keeping the Indoors Clean

Keeping the Indoors Clean

If you stay inside a lot during the summer, you might tend to first blame any air quality issues on air conditioning problems.

This may not be the case.

Instead, the quality issues might be due to a lack of plants.

Yes, seriously.

Haven’t you ever noticed that plants seem to make a house or office brighter or fresher?

Indoor Air Can Be Very Polluted

Indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air. But it’s not because you need air conditioning problems.

It’s usually something as simple as furniture, carpet, improper ventilation, or even household cleaners.

As a result, you and your loved ones may have problems with anything from breathing issues to headaches. Who needs these health issues in your home?

Improving Indoor Air Quality

The addition of even one plant can help alleviate these health problems.

Plants are famous for their ability to improve the quality of air because they absorb gases through the surface of their leaves. You already know that plants take in carbon dioxide like this and then use it to produce oxygen.

But plants also absorb contaminants from the air, which are known as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These include benzene (found in cigarette smoke, plastics, and pesticides) and formaldehyde (present in many cosmetics, detergent, and basic home cleaning products).

VOCs are responsible for causing health issues that are both acute (asthma, nausea, headaches) and chronic (cancer, respiratory ailments).

Not only do the plants themselves remove VOCs, but the soil in which a plant finds itself soil also neutralizes VOCs and other pollutants.

Which Plants to Consider

Leafy plants are good at purifying indoor air, especially various palms such as the bamboo palm, dwarf palm, and areca palm. If you prefer ferns, Japanese and Boston ferns have been proven to help purify air. Aloe vera is another one, further cementing its reputation for holistic benefits.

Some flowering plants are also ideal. The peace lily is one of the best air-purifying plants you can buy. If you’re partial to tulips, Gerbera daisies, or florists’ mums, those are also flowering plants excellent for cleansing.

Final Thoughts

If you believe that the air in your home or office is causing even minor health issues, you should think about having an HVAC specialist check to see if you do have air conditioning problems.

However, even if there are problems with one of those units, you still should consider a natural alternative to keep the air cleansed – plants.

In addition to brightening your home or office, one or more plants will help keep you breathe and live better.


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