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Survive Extreme Heat Even without AC

Survive Extreme Heat Even without AC

If you’re being subjected to the heat wave currently gripping much of the U.S., air conditioning is a godsend.

But what can you do if your air conditioner isn’t working properly? How can you survive such extreme heat?

Obviously, you’ll want to have the AC unit inspected and repaired, but since you’re probably not the only one with AC issues, having to wait a day or even longer is probably inevitable.

If so, here are tips to help you get through it.

Know the Symptoms of Heat-related Health Issues

Without air conditioning, especially during a prolonged heat wave, can induce heat-related health concerns quickly.

So you want to make sure you understand the crucial symptoms that could put your life in danger.

  • Heat rash – the first symptom, it’s a cluster of red spots or bumps that appear on your skin due to extreme heat.
  • Heat cramps – next comes excessive sweating and intermittent cramps that affect major muscles due to physical exertion.
  • Heat exhaustion – if you feel weak, tired, nauseous, lightheaded from heat excess sweating, you’re suffering from heat exhaustion.
  • Heat stroke – a kind of hyperthermia, i.e., your body temperature is dangerously elevated, that threatens your life if you don’t seek help immediately. If your sweating stops, or you’re confused, disoriented, or agitated, get medical help ASAP, or you could fall into a coma that could fatal.

The Power of Water

This one’s obvious, of course, but it’s important to remember to drink before you feel thirsty. If you’re without air conditioning for more than a day, this shouldn’t be too hard.

Be careful, though – drinking only water might not be enough to remedy an elevated body core temperature. Sports drinks or special water infused with electrolytes will supplement all the water you drink.

However, the soothing effects of water offer more. Fill up a bucket, basin, or tub to cool off your feet and hands. Soak a towel, cloth, or bandana in cold water and drape over your head and shoulders. If possible, a cool shower or bath works wonders.

The Power of Air Circulation

Air circulation is not like air conditioning – it doesn’t cool space. Instead, it circulates air that feels cool on your skin.

Box fans or ceiling fans are good for circulating air. Also, when it cools down in the evenings and at night, open windows for even better circulation.

In the morning, when it’s still cool, close those windows so that during the hottest part of the day, the cooler air can better preserved to maintain the indoor cool.

Turn Off Unnecessary Sources of Heat

This is also obvious, but it’s also easy to forget that incandescent light bulbs, appliances, and computers are notorious culprits for generating heat even when they’re not being actively used.

If you don’t need them, shut them down or turn them off. And eat foods that don’t require you to use the oven or stove.


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