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Increasing Energy Efficiency for Austin Air Conditioning and Heating

Increasing Energy Efficiency for Austin Air Conditioning and Heating

As children, summer is associated with time off from school, days spent in the pool, and camps. When we reach adulthood and finally become homeowners ourselves, summer can mean finding daycare and saving for family vacations. Of course, many people will also be concerned with the increased cost of their Austin utility bills.

A little bit of planning and maintenance will save thousands of dollars in summer energy costs. The knowledgeable professionals at Texas AC Repair Specialists can help plan your HVAC systems to maximize energy usage and lower monthly costs. With a combination of modern technology and time tested principles, TXAC Specialists will keep your house comfortable during the worst Austin heat waves.

Lowering Austin Utility Bills with Improved HVAC Systems

There are a lot of options for decreasing your monthly utility bill. Some are common sense, like improved insulation. Others can be expensive and take some time to see the benefits, like solar panels. The best option for most homeowners is a combination of improved insulation and better HVAC technology.

Automation and timers can greatly increase the efficiency of your air conditioner. While timing mechanism have been used in HVAC for decades, improved temperature gauges are now becoming more standard. These unique devices gauge ambient temperature and keep it stable with as little energy as possible.

Austin Trees Are Your Friends

The shade provided by local plant life is invaluable for keeping houses cool during Texas summers. Landscaping with mature trees is one option to improve shade but it can be expensive. Planting lower cost shrubs near ground floor windows prevents sunlight from increasing temperatures in the home. Even with exposed windows on the second floor, the effect of shade on the lower levels of a building has a dramatic impact on efficiency.

Insulation Lowers Utility Bills

A house that leaks cold or hot air is simply going to cost more. Centralized HVAC units are designed to heat or cool set enclosed areas that are reasonably insulated. Common areas that often require additional insulation include exterior walls and attics. Basements are not that common in Texas but underground structures are naturally insulated.

Many homeowners are also unaware that insulation needs to be replaced every few years. Older, non toxic insulation does not often need to be replaced but modern foam versions do. HVAC experts at Energy Star say that proper insulation improves efficiency by as much as 20 percent.

AC Austin Maintenance and Repairs

Regular maintenance of your heating and air conditioning unit also greatly improves the efficiency and reduces energy bills. Cleaning coils and replacing filters keeps airflow moving at an optimal level while keeping equipment functioning at peak levels. Texas AC Repair Specialists are dedicated to keeping their customers’ in comfort at an affordable price. Regular maintenance of your HVAC systems can improve performance by as much as 30 percent, far more than shade or insulation.


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