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What Is That Noise? Preventative Air Conditioner Maintenance

What Is That Noise? Preventative Air Conditioner Maintenance

Machines can make some weird noises when malfunctioning and air conditioners are no different. Learning which noises are the result of normal operation or of a major problem can save time, money, and frustration. Ideally, homeowners regularly have their HVAC systems serviced but people can forget or deliberately avoid maintenance.

Banging, rattling, or grinding from your air conditioner is good enough reason to call an experienced AC service repair specialist. Coils and fans that make your air conditioner function properly might fall out of alignment or simply reach the end of their operating life. Regular maintenance will keep your home comfortable during the worst weather.

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Homeowners dealing with a broken air conditioner are usually anxious to fix the problem. Fixing an air conditioning unit is far more expensive than simply maintaining the equipment in the first place. Of course, some units simply break and need to be replaced. However, quality HVAC equipment should last years in Austin with routine maintenance.

Refrigerant and Other Routine Maintenance

Refrigerant is the key ingredient for any air conditioner. Simply put, it makes air cold. Your air conditioning unit has a finite amount of refrigerant that must be periodically replaced. The level of refrigerant in your AC unit should be monitored during regular servicing by Texas AC Repair Specialists. The frequency that refrigerant needs to be replaced depends on use and other factors.

Coils, Compressors, and the Nuts and Bolts of Your AC Unit

Air conditioners, especially outside units, require regular cleaning to continue working. Without regular servicing, air conditioner coils and compressors can become clogged. Performing this maintenance is relatively simple and only takes a few minutes for a trained professional. Keeping up with HVAC maintenance will also extend equipment life while improving efficiency. Much like changing oil in a car, air conditioners need occasional service to keep functioning. The trained professionals at TXAC Specialists will also identify future issues that may arise, such as low refrigerants or parts near the end of their use.

Removing Dirt and Debris from Outdoor Units

The outdoors is full of material that interferes with machinery. Leaves and other organic debris routinely finds its way into outdoor air conditioning and heating units. Larger pieces, like branches, and accumulated material can even stop HVAC systems from functioning. Ask almost any experienced AC repair technician and they’ll tell you about the strange things they have found in outdoor units. Over a long enough period of time, an outdoor AC unit will accumulate enough debris to cease working. Successfully removing all debris from an AC system will require a professional because they may have to disassemble and rebuild different parts.


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