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FAQs about Replacing an HVAC System

FAQs about Replacing an HVAC System

When you are having trouble with your cooling or heat, you might think that you need HVAC repairs. Unfortunately, there are times when a machine cannot be repaired, and it will need to be replaced. On top of this, there are other areas of an HVAC system that could use repair, replacement, maintenance or installation from an HVAC Austin team. To get a better understanding of what happens when you have your HVAC system replaced, take a look at the details below as they pertain to our company.

Why HVAC systems need to be completely replaced

Often, there are machines that are still working past their warranties, but that does not mean that you will be one of the lucky ones. A primary reason that an HVAC unit needs to be replaced is due to a lack of maintenance. One other aspect that can lead to more wear-and-tear on your machine than usual is expanding your floor space with a remodel but not having an HVAC unit that will keep up with the extra work. Other major issues that happen include plumbing disasters that end up damaging the ductwork, vents or other aspects of the HVAC unit.

What parts are involved in an HVAC system?

For many homes and businesses, they think that the only area of the HVAC unit that matters is the big machine that operates inside of the building. Despite this, there are many areas of the home that are connected to an HVAC unit, and these are often more complicated in commercial properties. The main components that are serviced by an HVAC Austin team are the electrical unit that operates the heating or cooling, the vents, duct work, the outside compressor unit, electrical wiring, gas, compressor chemicals and the air handlers in the attic. There may also be accessories such as air filters or purifiers.

Can I replace an HVAC system on a budget?

It is absolutely possible to replace an HVAC system on a budget, and in some instances, you can be reimbursed by your property insurance provider. This is especially true if you have experienced flooding in your home due to no fault of your own. Another area that is not commonly discussed is a well-maintained machine that has expired before the warranty is due. In both of these situations, we can help you to get the HVAC unit you need and get reimbursed for it.

How to upgrade your current HVAC system

There are a few ways that you can improve the way your heating and cooling works along with your overall air quality. Namely, having accessories added to your current system such as an air handler to help circulate the air, air filters to remove impurities and one piece of technology that could change your utility bills forever. This big improvement of the modern age is adding a smart home device to your thermostat. When installed correctly, you can control your HVAC unit from your smartphone to increase or decrease the heating and cooling. Overall, this significantly decreases overall utility bills for heating or cooling.

We can help you replace your next HVAC unit

In order to avoid common mistakes that can cost you in utilities, let us help you install your next HVAC unit. In addition to being an experienced HVAC Austin team that can help you find the best fit for your home, we also know ways that you can save money. To get a better idea of what we have to offer, call one of our friendly staff today.


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