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In the Market for a New Air Conditioner? Buying Guide 2017

In the Market for a New Air Conditioner? Buying Guide 2017

Has your air conditioning unit been working slower than usual and leaving your house hot or making your bills higher than usual? There are many signs that you may need a new air conditioner, but there is a lot that has changed in 2017. For example, there are many situations where AC repair can be used instead of replacing machines, but if it is past the warranty, there could be greener options out there. In addition to being environmentally friendly and lowering overall bills, there are also tax rebates and other incentives for certain types of new AC units.

Helpful Tips for Air Conditioning Installation

Why you need advice for choosing a new air conditioner

There is a little bit of a math equation that goes into choosing the right air conditioner for space. For example, square footage matters when getting a new AC, and figuring out the best unit does not end when you have carefully measured out every inch of your floor space. Instead, how many rooms you have and how well the air circulates through each one will also need to be taken into consideration. There will also need to be an evaluation to see if any other parts of your cooling system need good old-fashioned maintenance or AC repair. Thankfully, with the right technicians, you can pick the right machine for your budget, space and cooling needs.

Installing window units could use some unexpected help

On occasion, homeowners or business owners will buy a new air conditioning unit for a window, and they think their journey is over once they get it in the window. For some homeowners, the window unit is heavier than expected, and maneuvering in into the window can be difficult. Another obstacle they may not be expecting is the lack of electricity that goes to an outlet near the window they want to use. This becomes obvious when the air conditioner is in heavy operation and the breaker box keeps turning off the AC unit. One other reason that an Austin AC maintenance team is called is to figure out what to do with the excess water being produced on the outside of the window unit.

Are Energy Star products worth it?

You may have seen advertising for Energy Star products, and might have wondered if they are worth it. One of the keys to this Energy Star rating is to give homeowners an idea about which devices are more environmentally friendly. The other benefit that is less heavily advertised is that most of these machines will end up giving the homeowners or business owners less of a draw on their utilities. This means that they will save money in the long-term on their bills. In addition, there are rebates, incentives, and other programs that give you money back on your taxes or other deductions when you buy an Energy Star-rated AC unit. One stipulations is that the new unit needs to be installed by a professional that completes the application paperwork.

Is there a chance your old unit is still good?

When your machine is starting to show signs that it is getting older but the warranty has not expired, there is a chance that it has not had enough attention from an Austin AC maintenance team. For instance, when roots start to grow underneath the outside equipment for your AC unit, the fact that the ground is no longer level under the unit can cause it to function poorly. Another minor fix that can cause your air conditioning bill to dramatically decrease is checking the compressor for dried leaves or grass that have built up around the outside of the machine. In other words, be sure to have your AC inspected or maintained before you decide to go through with the expense of having a new one installed.

We have the skills you need to buy the right AC unit

Are you concerned about the expense of a new AC unit and worry that you could spend money on a machine that does not even accomplish your cooling goals? Before dealing with the hassle, call us first. If your machine is still able to be repaired, we will help you to get it working optimally instead of pushing for a new install. On occasions when a new machine is required, we can help you to find the perfect fit. To get started, please give us a call today and speak to a friendly member of our staff.


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