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AC Repair Austin-How do I Know When It's Time?

AC Repair Austin-How do I Know When It's Time?

The weather in Austin can be really quirky. One day it’s 50 degrees, and the next day it’s 83! I don’t understand it, but what I do know is you need to have your AC ready to go at any given time. I test my AC often to make sure it is always blowing cool air. I also have taken it upon myself to change my air filters so they don’t stay clogged with dust and cobwebs!

How do I know when I need AC Repair Austin? Well I think the answer is simple: your AC is blowing hot air consistently. Or you keep messing with your thermostat and can’t seem to identify the “right” temperature. I remember I used to keep my thermostat set at 72 degrees. When my AC gave out, I started to reduce the temperate constantly until it was at 50 degrees! I didn’t know if I just needed freon or what. I did know that I was in need of some good old fashion Austin AC repair.

I think part of my struggle was knowing who to trust. I think credibility in a company goes a long way. I priced shopped for about a day since I was sweating my tail off and all my fans did was circulate and blow more hot air and then I finally made my decision. offered some big coupons that I thought were a huge help! Who wouldn’t want to save $500 on a new unit? I think making be feel at ease and the speed of great customer service was a big win in my book. I would say check these guys out, especially their reviews because I was very pleased with their work.


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