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How Can I Conserve Energy and Save Money While Running My AC?

How Can I Conserve Energy and Save Money While Running My AC?

I always wondered what the secret was behind saving big dollars while running my ac in the hit, Texas heat. I decided to call my energy company and pick the representative’s brain. I complained that my bills last summer were higher than usual and I asked what I could do to save some money. AC Repair Austin is the last thing I want to wonder about when I’m focused on planning fun things like my summer vacation!

I asked if it made better economic sense to turn off my ac while I was out of the house and then turn it back on the minute I entered the door. The very friendly, upbeat man on the other end of the phone said, “No!” He went on to explain why it was a bad idea because I would be causing my ac to work that much harder and it takes longer to achieve the cooler temperature I loved so much and by doing so it would cost more energy, so I would lose more money. Instead, he suggested always leaving the settings on “auto” or automatic to allow an ample temperate to be achieved and maintained throughout the day. He also suggested I leave the temperature at 78 degrees. I hissed at that number then he retorted with a quick, “fine 76 then!” I don’t know about you, but I like to keep mine at a cool 72, otherwise I feel like I’m sweating. Next he suggested adding shades, blinds or window tint to any sunrooms or rooms that don’t have window treatments. I thought that was a good idea. He explained how it blocks the UV rays that cause the room to heat up.

He did suggest I change my filters because dirty, dust-filled filters will cause your ac unit to pump that much harder- hence jacking up your energy bills. Makes sense to me. My filters could definitely could use some replacing.

Finally, he suggested using timers and keeping your front door closed so air doesn’t escape. I guess I did not consider that either.

I hope these bright ideas help you conserve some extra dollars this summer. Remember to get your air conditioning checked this spring before the heat wave hits! AC Repair Austin is always my number one concern when it comes to those 90 plus degree days!


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