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How to Choose the Best Austin AC Repair Company

How to Choose the Best Austin AC Repair Company

How do I choose the Best Austin AC Repair Company?

That’s the dilemma. There are so many companies and so little time to shop around. I have searched high and low to find the best priced with stellar customer service and I have found that when I am seeking Austin AC Repair, I know who to go to: Texas AC & Plumbing Specialists. I like how they answer their phones 24/7 and will help in an emergency. Their business is family owned and operated and they stand by their work. One of the things that really stood out t be was their reviews. They have over 300 reviews and I was hard pressed to find any negative ones. I feel like if customers take the time to write legitimate reviews, then they must be truly happy with their service.

I noticed they were hiring and have a lot of certified technicians that service not just Austin, but the surrounding areas like Georgetown, Cedar Park and Round Rock. I would give them a call the minute my ac needed a repair because I like great customer service and dealing with a family that really treats you like you are apart of it.

I have done my research on other competitors and although some had good price points, I’m not sure I had the same warm and fuzzy feeling from a customer service perspective. Additionally the some companies do not have the extended hours and that can be rough when your AC fails on a Sunday or in the middle of the night. I always say “go with your gut,” so I go with a trusted, credible company who has serviced the Austin area for over 10 years.


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