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It's Time to Check Your Air Conditioning

It's Time to Check Your Air Conditioning

There’s nothing worse then having hot Austin air conditioning fail you! Texans know how hot it gets here and there is nothing more frustrating when your “reliable” air conditioning lets you down. If today is any indication of how hot it can be here in Texas in the winter time, imagine what your summer might look like! I couldn’t imagine a 90 degree day or hotter, with Austin air conditioning that just won’t work. I tend to run my air conditioning 24/7 in the spring and summer. So now is the time to get your unit checked. And I love how they offer financing!

Remember, there are several issues that could be causing your ac to blow warm or hot air. It could be your compressor, or motor which may need to be replaced. Or perhaps, it is something simpler like replacing your air filter that may be full of dust and other debris.

We recommend you be proactive with your air conditioning and get your system checked before anything breaks, especially if you are hearing any unusual noises. If you service it before something major happens, you may be able to save yourself thousands of dollars.

Stay cool before it really gets hot so you don’t sizzler in the heat!


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