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Why Is My Air Conditioning System Such a Piece of Crap?

Why Is My Air Conditioning System Such a Piece of Crap?

I’m so mad.. there are no words.. I feel like there are things in life that are unnecessary, we calls these grudge purchases; however, there is something to say for comfort. Why? Because that’s what Austinites like, comfort. When it’s 100 degrees and you’re carrying 8 packages in your house, juggling 3 or 4 kids and cooking dinner in a hot kitchen, you want some comfort. Enter the air conditioner. It is powerful, cold and comforting. Oh, did I mention cold?? There’s nothing like ac on a hot, busy day or heck just a hot day in Austin period.

And I get annoyed when I don’t have that nice cool air blowing throughout my house. I’m not talking about fans blowing more hot around my face, but nice, cool, refreshing air. Now tell me why my ac system crapped out on me in my time of need? I had a house full of guests, it was 84 degrees, my house was hot since I had both ovens on as I was cooking for my twelve guests and poof, nothing! Nothing but heat that is! I was so mad that my ac was failing me in my time of need.

What did I learn? My system failed because I ignored it. I chose not to maintain it or treat it like an important piece of machinery. I did not get regular checks. I never changed my air filters, I honestly never thought about having a repair technician come to my house to make sure my system was working to its optimal performance. So it’s a piece of crap because I neglected it, not because of the brand or original price of the ac system, but because I chose to take my system for granted. So before you make the same mistake please get your system checked and stay cool this summer.


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