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Do I Need to Service My Furnace?

Do I Need to Service My Furnace?

In Texas, when temperatures drop, it can get very cold outside and your number one priority is keeping your home cozy and warm. This means you would probably being running your furnace daily during those chilly days; however proper maintenance is every thing when it comes to your furnace.

Do I need a New Air Filter?

Air filters commonly get ignored and they are vital parts of the furnace. Filters keep debris from landing inside the inner workings of your filter. If the debris gets in your furnace, it could easily cause and unwanted malfunction.

Furnace Not Getting Hot Enough

Insufficient heating is a common issue we tend to see with furnaces. We find that it could be a simple fix, such as replacing your air filter, which may have a clog. Other reasons that may cause your furnace not to heat up to its full potential is a possible broken thermostat or bad motor.

My furnace sounds like its possessed

Listen to your furnace cause it might be telling you something is very wrong. Do you hear rattling or a weird high pitched screeching sound? If so, your heat exchanger may be broken. This could cause a potentially dangerous carbon monoxide leak in your house.

What Can I Do to Maintain my Furnace?

It’s similar to getting regular check ups at the doctor, you don’t know, unless you go. Be proactive and take advantage of free furnace checks. Otherwise, if you wait you could be facing thousands of dollars in repairs. Keep your home safe and warm. For more details on how you can get a free furnace check, contact the HVAC experts.


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