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Top 5 Fixes for Leaky Faucets

Top 5 Fixes for Leaky Faucets

A leaking faucet could mean hundreds of dollars down the drain if you don’t fix it immediately. It can be tough to know what’s wrong with the faucet before it’s removed and examined.

Tips for Fixing a Leaky Faucet

First, you’ll need to figure out the kind of faucet you have. A compression faucet is identifiable by the fact that it has a separate handle for hot and cold. The other types of faucets are called single lever.

After figuring out the type of faucet you have, you’ll need to get your materials and tools together. Turn off the water valve, so you don’t end up with water spraying everywhere. Stopper the sink and place a rag there to catch small parts that may fall out of the faucet.

Have a space nearby where you can lay out the pieces as you remove them to remember their order when you reassemble.

If you’re not comfortable with any of this as you’re performing the replacements, you might need to call an Austin plumber to help.

  • Allen Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Plumber’s Grease

Potential Replacement Parts

  • Cap and collar
  • Washers
  • O-rings
  • Springs, valve seats and cam washers
  1. Replace the O-Ring
    This is normally a problem with a compression faucet with two handles for the hot and cold water. You’ll need to remove the tops of the handles. They’re usually decorative, and when you pry them off, there are screws under them.With a flathead screwdriver, remove the handle. This will leave the stem and packing nut. The nut needs to be removed too.Check everything for damage. The O-ring and washer are inside the valve and are most likely the reason for the leak. The washer and o-ring should be a tight fit. You can take them to the parts store to find the right size if you’re unsure. You could also call an Austin plumbing company to do the work if you’ve been stumped by the repair.
  2. New Faucet Cam
    If you have a ball faucet, you can buy a faucet cam assembly to replace the parts that are worn and old, which could be causing the leak. Many home improvement stores will have the kit available to make the repair easier. An Austin plumbing company has technicians who will fix the leaky faucet for you.

Lift the handle and unscrew it to remove it completely. With pliers remove the cap and collar of the faucet. The next part of the faucet is the cam, ball and washer. It’ll look like a ball and socket type joint.

In the replacement kit, you should have all the parts you need for the removal of the inlet seals and springs. While you have the faucet open, replace the O-rings and coat the new ones with grease before installing.

The parts you removed will have replacements in the kit. It should be a reversal of the process you just completed. Reattach the handle and you’re finished.

  1. Remove the Cartridges to Replace the O-Rings
    A cartridge faucet is another type of faucet that might need repair. First, you’ll have to remove the decorative cap. It might have to be unscrewed or pried off with a screwdriver. Tilt it backward for removal.

There’ll be a retaining clip that might have to be removed. It’s a circular piece that’s usually plastic. That will need to be pulled out with pliers. They’re often used to hold the cartridge in place. When the water is flowing through the faucet, the cartridge is standing straight, so you need to pull it straight. Remove the faucet’s spout and replace the O-rings. Coat the new ones with plumber’s grease before installing them. Reassemble the handle. If you have a problem with any of these steps, it might be best to call in an Austin plumber.

  1. Replace the Entire Faucet
    If you have replaced the O-rings on the faucet as well as the washers, inlet seals, and springs, you might need a new faucet. You’ll have to remove the entire assembly and purchase a new one. It’s often a reversal of the process to remove the faucet.

You might need a plumber for a replacement if you’re not familiar with replacing a faucet yourself.

  1. Call a Plumber
    When you’ve never attempted to replace an O-ring, washer or cartridge yourself, you might need a plumber. Replacing parts of a faucet can be tricky and an experienced professional will be able to do the job easily.

Whether you do the job yourself or call in a professional Austin plumbing company, it’s vital that you get the faucet repaired before you lose gallons of water and buckets of money down the drain.


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