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Wintertime! Enjoy the Stuffing, not the Stuffy Air!

Wintertime! Enjoy the Stuffing, not the Stuffy Air!

While most of the country is enjoying fluffy, white snow and holiday cold weather this time of year, the city of Austin is familiar with warm sunshine and humidity. Christmas is no exception in this part of the country, there is always a radiant glow from the heat that seems here. If your air conditioning system is not working properly, you will really be able to tell when your house is full of relatives. There is no better time to have your HVAC system evaluated than during the holidays. No one wants to be stuffy while trying to enjoy their family. Here are some signs that your system needs to be evaluated.

The Breaker Keeps Kicking

One of the many calls an Austin HVAC contractor receives is regarding a breaker issue. When a unit is pulling too much current, the breaker will kick signaling a problem. The first thing we check is the compressor. If your compressor is continually kicking breakers, you need to have it checked. Don’t just keep kicking the breaker back on. You need to make sure that your unit is operating correctly before you reset it. In some cases, it can be a small electrical issue that is kicking the breaker also. Because these units have electricity, water, and are difficult to diagnose for the common man, you need a professional to handle the issue.

The Unit is Blowing Hot Air

Austin AC repair services are often called for units that are blowing hot air. One of the biggest reasons a unit will blow hot air is it is low on refrigerant. Unit naturally looses a little bit of refrigerant due to the vibrations. However, if a simple refill doesn’t correct the problem, you need to have a leak check performed. A unit can develop holes in the lines that transfer the refrigerant. It is important to find the leak and resolve the issue immediately.

Another reason why the unit will blow hot air is that it has iced over on the outside. If you are turning your thermostat down to low your unit will run non-stop. A unit is only made to cool your home’s temperature to about 20 degrees below the outside temperature. Setting your unit at 68 degrees is unrealistic in this area. A unit that runs constantly will freeze up, which means it forms a heavy coating of ice on the outside. Also, if a unit is low on refrigerant, it will freeze over too. If you see ice on your unit, shut it off immediately and call for help. These are just a couple reasons for a unit blowing hot air. There are dozens of other reasons. Any issues of this nature warrant a professional evaluation.

The Unit Is Not Keeping Up With The House’s Cooling Demands

If your unit is blowing cold air and seems to be working well, but your home is still not comfortable, then you may need to replace your unit. Ac replacement should happen when a unit is not functioning as well as it once did, and it is 10 years of age or older. As a unit gets some age on it, the efficiency is reduced. A unit that once had no problem keeping up with the demands of the Austin weather may lag when it gets some age on it. If you are constantly replacing parts and your home is still not as comfortable as it once was, it may be time to consider replacing that unit.

Another thing to consider is that your unit is not sized properly for your home. If you have added another room or any addition to your home, it may need a larger unit to keep up with its demands. Stuffy air is no fun during the holidays or any time of year for that matter. If you were not the original owners of the home, it could have had a unit that was undersized installed. Some contractors will put a cheaper unit in based on the budget of the homeowner. A home’s HVAC load can be oversized or undersized and either scenario is not good.

Lastly, many homes requires an HVAC unit for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. Homes with two levels often feel the scorching temperatures of Texas regardless of what the thermostat is set on. Since hot air rises, it is imperative to keep that upper level as cool as the bottom one. Many times one unit just cannot handle the load efficiently, and another unit must be added to the home for comfort.

The Importance of Maintenance

Having your unit properly maintained will extend its lifespan. Austin AC repair services will be needed less when the unit is evaluated and tweaked two times per year. During these sessions, the filters are changed and diagnostic test performed. Anything that is a potential issue is evaluated and fixed. Fixing issues before they become service interruptions can save you money. Plus, going without AC in the heart of Texas is unbearable.


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