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Why is My Home So Humid?

Why is My Home So Humid?

High relative humidity in your home is a problem. Humidity is caused by a high amount of water vaper concentration in the air, which makes the air feel heavy. High humidity can lead to a number of issues, including damage to your home and possessions, mold and mildew growth, and uncomfortable conditions that you can’t escape from.

How does humidity become an issue? Here are a few reasons why.

Whole-Home Humidity

If your entire home suffers from humidity, you could have any of these issues:

  • Lack of ventilation: While a tightly sealed home is good for energy efficiency and reducing your utility bills, they also cause humidity to build up quickly, particularly during the humid summer season.
  • Oversized air conditioner: Your central air conditioner is great at removing moisture from the air, however, it takes time to do this. If your air conditioner is too large, it may not be able to run long enough to remove humidity in the air. As a result, your home feels cold and clammy most of the time.
  • Gas-fired appliances: Do you have a gas-powered furnace, stove, or water heater located inside? These appliances must be properly ventilated, and not having proper ventilation can result in high humidity.

Localized (Single-Room) Humidity

If you have one or two rooms that are extremely humid in comparison to the rest of your home, you may be experiencing any of these issues:

  • Overcooling: An air conditioner that is too effective in one particular area may create condensation, resulting in high humidity. This is commonly an issue in rooms that receive the most cooled air, such as those nearest to where cold air enters your home.
  • Unventilated bathroom fans: A fan in your bathroom won’t do much to eliminate humidity in your home unless it has an exhaust located somewhere. If it’s not, you’re essentially just stirring the humid air without giving it anywhere to escape.
  • Dryer discharge: a clothes dryer creates an immense amount of humid air during a drying cycle, meaning a leak in its exhaust system can greatly increase humidity in the rooms near it.

Fixing Excess Humidity

The easiest way to fix humidity in your home is to simply look for any of these issues and resolve them easily if possible. For example, if the rooms near your clothes dryer are extremely humid, check the back of your dryer to make sure the exhaust is properly attached, and that the exhaust output is outside the home. Likewise, inspect the ventilation on your gas-fired appliances to make sure the air can escape as necessary.

If you discover you cannot easily repair an issue, you should contact a professional to discuss your options for a more serious fix. One way to deal with an issue like this, particularly in an area like a finished basement, is with a dehumidifier. These units work by condensing the moisture out of the air and then draining it into a reservoir or drain through a hose. These work great for single rooms, but do use a lot of electricity so it’s not usually feasible to use a series of them to remove humidity from your whole home.

At Texas AC & Plumbing Specialist, we have helped those suffering from in-home humidity repair their issues quickly and reliably for the last 10 years. Our Austin air conditioning repair experts are all highly-trained in order to provide you with high-quality workmanship and accurate repairs the first time. We are 100% committed to your complete satisfaction, and we back up all our services with lifetime workmanship guarantees to help you rest assured your issue will be fixed properly. We are proud of our reputation as one of the leading air conditioning and HVAC repair companies in the Austin and Round Rock areas, including earning a coveted A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Give us a call today at (512) 580-7551 to schedule a service or request an inspection if your home is suffering from intense humidity!


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