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5 Tips on Being Energy Efficient

5 Tips on Being Energy Efficient

When you are looking for ways to save money and save the planet at the same time, you may be looking for an Austin HVAC repair service and not even know it. In addition to hiring someone that specializes in Austin AC Repair and heating, a team that understands plumbing and electrical can help you go green. To get a better understanding of how a team with this degree of specialization can save you money on your energy bills in five ways, keep reading.

Dirty filters drag down your system

One of the main issues that many homeowners do not realize they have pertains to their HVAC unit being in a state of disrepair. Although the unit may be working, it may not have been serviced in many years and this means that it is drawing more electricity than it should. For example, a dirty filter can cause the motor to need to work harder. Thankfully, the only thing you need to ensure you are not spending extra money in this way is a regular maintenance appointment from an Austin HVAC service company.

Installing a few solar panels can bring your electric bill to zero

Solar panels have become commonplace, and their price has decreased as well. In addition to getting rebates for installing solar panels in some areas, you may be able to install enough to completely lower your electric bill to zero. Although they may be too complicated for homeowners to install, professionals can hook them up to the power grid to make the process easy. It should also be noted that you can risk electrocution or starting a fire if you attempt to integrate the panels into your power grid, and professionals will be needed to ensure the project is completed safely.

Conditioning your HVAC unit could be a money-saver

Filters aside, there are many working parts inside of an HVAC or AC unit that need tuned up on occasion by an Austin air conditioning pro. For example, since it often controls heating and cooling, between seasons the unit could use some tender loving care from an Austin HVAC company. This includes removing the debris from the outside compressor as well as oiling the motors and changing any worn parts inside the unit.

Rerouting your dirty sink water to the toilet

One of the best green improvements that you can do for your home is collecting water to reuse in the toilets. Even a low-flow toilet uses a significant amount of water per flush, and the source of this water is not important. For instance, sink water that is soapy can easily be stored and rerouted to toilets by a professional plumber. Gutters can also be routed to store water in barrels or a cistern by a professional handyman.

Installing smarthome devices to lower your overall bills

By far, one of the biggest ways to be energy-efficient in the modern age is to have as many of your appliances rerouted to your smartphone as possible. At this point in time, there is a long list of devices that can be installed to dim windows or lights through an app on your phone, but the one most people should start with involves the cooling and heating unit thermostat. Instead of programming your thermostat to turn on at certain times and often forgetting to do it in the first place, you can turn on the thermostat right before you come home. During unexpected cold or warm days, you can remotely adjust the temperatures from work. Without a doubt, this is the main improvement that will pay for itself in the shortest period of time, and all that is required is help from the right AC repair or Austin HVAC repair company.


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