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Biggest Plumbing Myths

Biggest Plumbing Myths

Unfortunately, when it comes to plumbing, homeowners and businesses alike can make mistakes that cost them a fortune. Surrounding some of these issues are common plumbing myths, and the internet is partial to blame for most of them. Fortunately, when you call an Austin plumber, you can get the advice you are looking for to clear up some of the facts. Hopefully, one of these plumbing myths is not the reason you are calling a plumber in the first place, but if it is, we will know how to repair the situation quickly.

You can use chemicals to fix the problem

When chemicals used to repair plumbing are advertised, they always express caution because they are legally required to do so. Sadly, many homeowners do not realize what those consequences might be until it happens to them. For example, depending on the materials used and the decade your plumbing was installed, it might not hold up to chemical agents that are used to clear clogs. Other issues that might require an Austin plumbing repair team include chemicals that have sprayed into the home and are now causing cross-contamination issues for pets, children or the elderly.

DIY plumbing repairs will get expected results

There are many tutorials on the internet that will explain to homeowners how they can do their own plumbing repairs, and some are extremely successful. On the other hand, this is somewhat mythical because when repairs are made that do not go as planned, there can be costly consequences. For example, you may repair a pipe that you think is secure, but it explodes unexpectedly and causes flooding in your home. Another unexpected plumbing repair that goes wrong involves repairing pipes inside walls and not realizing that the walls can be heavily damaged by toxic mold or need to be completely remodeled.

There is no way to get injured doing your own plumbing repairs

Some people believe a myth that if you have the right tools, you can do whatever you want. Alternatively, there are plenty of ways to get injured when doing plumbing repairs yourself. A perfect example of a fatality that can occur is sustaining a serious injury from trying to move large pieces of equipment like the hot water heater or an HVAC unit. Another reason you should call an Austin plumbing repair specialist is to avoid cutting into electrical wiring or rupturing gas lines while trying to do your own pipe and hot water heater repairs.

You need to buy bottled water because your pipes cannot be trusted

A big myth that has an easy fix can also save you, your family or business hundreds of dollars a year. Due to the questionable quality of tap water in many communities, the focus has been placed on consuming bottled water. However, plumbing services are not only about repairs, maintenance or installation. Instead, we can help you keep your water quality in check by installing filters. Along with the types that are fixed on faucets, whole-house filters can also be a part of the solution to saving your family money on bottled water.

We can help you beat to get the facts on plumbing

When you need an Austin plumber, we are the team to call. From emergencies to DIY repairs gone wrong, we are the professionals you need for your plumbing services. In addition to helping homeowners, we are also available to businesses, landlords, and other commercial properties. To make an appointment, call us today.


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