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Cooling and Heating Thermostat Touch Screens with Wireless Access and Zoning?! Oh My!

Cooling and Heating Thermostat Touch Screens with Wireless Access and Zoning?! Oh My!

What is smart technology coming up with these days? I remember as a kid turning a big ugly gold dial on in the hallway to adjust the thermostat. Now you can just tap away and control all ac and heating zones in your home. The convenience and ease of use of technology is making life way too easy.

The Carrier Infinity Touch combines all the facets of comfort, design and quality all in one. Plus, let’s not forget how convenient it is to have full zoning control at your fingertips! They offer an array of notables including:

  • Innovation-Adaptable speeds with Greenspeed Intelligence to allow you to save money on your energy bills.
  • Smart-There are advanced settings that sense when the home is empty thereby adjusting temperatures to reflect that while you’re away and adjusting again when you get home to allow you the comfort you desire.
  • One-touch simplicity-This allows you to make quick setting changes throughout each zone and quick decisions for future temperatures
  • Humidity management-Every one hates humidity, well this system is putting an end to those frizzy hair days once and for all! With the right Carrier equipment like a humidifier and multi- speed gas furnace this is matched with the air conditioner to deliver 100% comfort.
  • Hybrid-Heat system- A gas furnace and electric heat pump with the Infinity Touch control will provide you with the Hybrid Heat system. This allows your system to fluidly transition between gas and electric heat to make your home more efficient.
  • Anywhere Access-Using Wifi will allow you to make any adjustments right from your Smart phone or tablet.
  • Limited Warranty- Enjoy a 10 year parts limited warranty by Carrier as long as you register your product within 90 days, otherwise you only get 5 years, but hey that’s still pretty darn good.

Additionally you can have up to 8 zones!! The sleek new thermostat allows you to customize your comfort in each zone. So whether you like it to be hot in one zone or cooler in another, you have total control! You can also set your fan speeds for your Infinity system for any time you would like in all of your zones.

Carrier’s thermostat also allows you to program your settings for up to 7 days, another win.

I give the Carrier Infinity Thermostat 5 stars! Get it, try it, love it! You will not be disappointed.


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