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How to Test Your Water Quality

How to Test Your Water Quality

America has become acutely aware of the fact that the drinking water provided by local municipalities may not be as clean as first expected. In order to avoid consuming water that is filled with contaminants, having a water quality test done by professionals is important. In addition to conducting the tests, understanding the results of those tests may require a specialist to fully understand. Once you understand the results, a professional Austin plumber can help you find the best solutions.

Conducting water quality tests

Many homeowners assume that the only place they need to test for contaminated water is from the tap in the kitchen. Unfortunately, this can cause false results because the contamination may not be from the water source but the pipes leading to that particular tap. In order to get the best results, professionals will also test water from direct sources such as the water main.

Knowing when to test the water

Along with knowing where to test the water and how many samples to get, it is important to understand that there are certain variables that can skew data. For instance, after a heavy rainstorm, any possible contamination may be diluted. If criminal activity is suspected, and you think that you need to build a case against a company in the area that is contaminating your water, choosing the right time to collect water to be tested might need professional supervision from an Austin plumber. This is especially true if you want your evidence to stand up in court, because the courts will need third-party verification of your testing or results.

Knowing which tests to order

One of the most overwhelming aspects of testing water quality is knowing what types of chemicals you will need to suss out. Regardless, a plumber that conducts water quality tests in your area will likely have a better idea of which potential problems are common where you live. This can be an advantage because a full-spectral water testing and analysis can be expensive. There may also be issues in your water that are causing other long-term problems with your plumbing pipes such as extreme mineral buildup.

Understanding the results of a water quality test

Once you have the results of the tests in your hand, it may be difficult to decipher what the information actually says. Even if you feel that you are savvy in science, some of the numbers and how they are displayed may not make a lot of sense. This is especially true if specialized test were ordered. Alternatively, a professional plumber that regularly tests water quality will be able to help you turn this data into real solutions.

Ways to improve the water quality in your home

Once you figure out if you have potential issues with your water quality, the next step is to find the right devices to clean your water. In addition to filters for drinking water that are focused on specific areas of the home, there are full-home water filters that work from the source of your water main. This is especially important if fumes are being emitted from flushing toilets.

Helping you rebuild from toxic water quality

In certain circumstances where the water quality is too poor to clean with filters due to contamination, we can also help you build a professional court or insurance case to help recoup your loses. For long-term solutions concerning water quality contamination, we can also arrange to install a cistern or water storage tank on your property that is filled by truck. We are also equipped to help you replace any pipes that have been contaminated by toxins in the public or well drinking water such as lead.


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