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Potential Costs of a Plumbing Leak

Potential Costs of a Plumbing Leak

There is one invaluable cost that could be associated with a plumbing leak. That cost is poor health caused by untreated leaks that have started growing black mold. Black mold is sometimes called the “silent predator” because it goes unnoticed and can grow for years in moist environments that have water.

Our Austin plumber can help you to find any existing mold and remove it safely. We’ll also do a complete inspection of your home to make certain that another mold is not growing throughout your property, and we’ll even look for potential mold growth in the future. Once we’ve finished the inspection, we’ll make our recommendations to you.

A plumbing leak can also be a very expensive problem. Our plumbers work hard to correct everything before it becomes a real problem. It can be difficult to find any type of leak at your property, so you should consider having a yearly plumbing inspection done by our licensed and insured staff members.

If you begin to notice a change in the color of your ceilings, you probably have a leak that needs to be fixed fast. If not taken care of, you may have to repair and replace all the plumbing pipes and fixtures. When this type of problem occurs above the lower level of the home, you may even have to replace a portion of the ceiling, ceiling and wall studs, and insulation. The cost to do this type of repair in the Austin area can be as much as $5,000. The good news is that we can find the problem fast and eradicate the problem. Again, this is another situation when mold and mildew could grow causing serious health problems.

The cost to repair and replace any plumbing leak really depends on the location. Imagine that the water running throughout your home was working fine until the system got clogged. This clog will stop water from going through the pipes and begin to become essentially water logged. This water jam could put immense pressure on the joints of the pipes and eventually cause them to explode. If you have these pipes running through the interior of your home, the cost to repair and replace can be astronomical. Our Austin plumbing team does have affordable rates, so we can help to offset any of these costs, and some coupons are also available on the website.

If the plumbing leak runs around the perimeter of the home, the problems may be easier to deal with. Our team may be able to locate the leak a little faster and give you a better shot of reducing expensive damage. At some point, we’ll probably need to get into the drywall to remedy the situation. To do this, we’ll be as efficient as possible and only remove what needs to be removed. We do have special equipment and vast amounts of experience that we’ll use to try and find the problematic area as quickly as possible. Once found, we can repair the issue pretty quickly.

Again, the total cost to repair plumbing leaks is very dependent upon several factors. The location of the leak, the time that the leak has existed, and the severity of the leak itself (for example, a visible leak vs. an underground slab leak) will all play a part in the actual damage. The cost of the repairs depends on the damage done, but we can do it for you. As with most things in life, it is usually better to be prepared for the worst before it happens. You should definitely have a thorough inspection done to keep your system functioning its best throughout the year.


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