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Spring Checklist: What You Need to Check on before Summer

Spring Checklist: What You Need to Check on before Summer

When you are spring cleaning your home, do not forget to have your appliances freshened up for the upcoming summer season. Along with residential and commercial HVAC repair, we also specialize in plumbing and electric. This means that you will get a full-service behind-the-scenes inspection and repair of your appliances when you call us. This way, you are ready for the summer without worrying that you will need to spend extra money on an emergency repair that could have been avoided.

Getting plumbing and drainage ready for rain

Are you starting to develop an erosion problem in your yard or have a puddle that develops in the basement when it rains? To avoid another year of misdirected water, let an Austin plumber help you get your drainage situations under complete control. This could mean repairing gutters that already exist or installing drains that can direct water away from the foundation of your home. These techniques also significantly reduce erosion due to downpours caused by clogged gutters that need to be cleared or repaired. Other important erosion control devices include rain barrel collection and storm drain reinforcements.

Keeping your HVAC working through the heat

Springtime is the best time for HVAC repair or AC repair because the unit is making the transition between colder and hotter weather. Along with changing filters and tuning up the motors, it is important to have all of the wiring and the outside compressor checked by an Austin electrical professional. Often, debris collects over the winter time that can completely cover the outside of the compressor. When too much debris is collected, the unit cannot breathe properly, and this can cause electric bills to skyrocket. Overtime, the wear-and-tear on the HVAC unit from a partially covered compressor can cause it to stop functioning on the hottest days due to overload.

Clearing ducts, vents and attics

Once a year, it is important to clear out the duct work, vents and check the attic. In addition to clearing away dust, this can be an important time to check for pests or issues from pinhole leaks in the plumbing. Many times, plumbing issues can develop slowly due to cold weather in the winter, and the best time to catch them before they become bigger problems is in the spring. Interestingly, vents, duct work and the attic are areas where plumbing problems are first detected. Detecting plumbing problems or leaks early is important for avoiding mold problems that flourish during warm weather. Mold often causes severe health problems in certain cases, and mold abatement or removal due to pinhole leaks in the plumbing is often a lengthy and extensive process.

Checking fans and other electrical devices

When an electrical appliance is not working optimally, it will draw a great deal of energy and cause utility bills to rise. In addition to Austin AC repair, furnaces and other obvious candidates, before summer hits there are certain appliances that need to be serviced because they will work harder than others. For instance, attic fans will need to be fully operational in order to release heat. Refrigerators will also work harder than usual, and having the coils or power supply checked by an Austin electrical specialist could extend the life of your appliance.


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