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Signs You May Have a Slab Leak

Signs You May Have a Slab Leak

A leaky pipe underneath your sink is a simple issue to spot and fix. Other parts of your plumbing system, however, aren't as easy to see. In fact, pipes are hidden in walls and under concrete. Slab leaks occur under your foundation where the pipes enter and exit the structure. These leaks can be difficult to see so looking for signs is the best way to find them. Get to know these slab-leak signs before the problem worsens around your property.


Unpleasant Scents

Slab leaks are hidden from view. One of the first signs that emerges is a scent. Leaking water impacts surrounding materials, such as wood or soil. It has nowhere to go, so the moisture festers in place. You might smell mildew or mold as you walk past a certain area.


Warped Flooring

Your leak may be so well hidden that even a scent doesn't waft up into the home. The laminate planks on the floor, however, are slowly bubbling up around their edges. Warped flooring is a signature sign that there's a slab leak. The pipe may be several feet away from the warped floor, but the moisture still travels. Evaporation and water exposure beneath the floor creates the warped materials. Both the pipe and flooring must be removed and replaced by plumbing specialists.


Pooling Water

If you notice any pools of water around the outside of your property, these areas aren't normal. Water shouldn't create puddles unless a storm just passed by. A slab leak causes lawn puddles because the water simply follows the land's drainage contours. The same puddle will be in a certain location until the leak is found and repaired. You know what's normal for your property so spotting these problems shouldn't be difficult.


Expensive Water Bills

Your water bill should be about the same every month. It's very rare when a family uses a lot more or less of this resource. A slab leak is ongoing, however, which means that your water will be continually running. Your bill will be significantly larger than normal. When you see this happen with your bill, call our team. A full diagnostic must be performed in order to find the leak.


Water-Pressure Issues

Some slab leaks are so serious that you really notice a lack of water at the faucets. Turn on the kitchen sink at full blast. There should be a good volume of water coming out of the fixture. If it doesn't look like it used to, bring the professionals in. There may be a slab leak or another issue going on with the water pressure.


Mysterious Wall Damage

Take a look at your drywall. Every room has this material against the wall studs. It's attractive, paintable, and inexpensive. It's also absorbent. Any slab leak that comes into contact with the studs or drywall can create damage on the wall. There might be cracks or bubbling that continues to grow larger. Point out this feature to your plumbing specialists because it's a helpful clue in finding the slab leak.


Hot Spots on Floor

Some slab leaks involve hot water from the hot-water heater. The tank itself is in good shape, but a connected pipe could be causing problems. The sign that you can look out for is hot spots on the floor. Walk across your living room, for instance, and feel the temperature beneath your feet. Normal floors are just room temperature. Walk across a hot spot, and you've found your main leak area.

When it comes to your home, trust the professionals. Give Texas AC & Plumbing Specialist a call today at 512-580-7551. Our team can evaluate your plumbing and create a repair plan that works for nearly any budget. We specialize in slab-leak repairs and every common service revolving around your plumbing.

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