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3 Energy-Saving Hacks

3 Energy-Saving Hacks

Reducing energy consumption is excellent for your wallet and the planet, and it doesn't have to mean a sacrifice in your comfort. A great start would be tackling the inefficiencies that can add up to a large chunk of your family's energy bill over an entire year. Follow these three sensible hacks to save money and conserve energy.

1.Manage Energy-Use With a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats connect to the internet to provide you with remote access to your entire HVAC system as an app on your phone. These savvy devices learn your schedule and then program themselves to respond to your household's activity. They save you a significant amount of money by not wasting energy when no one's home. Smart thermostats also provide valuable information about exactly how much energy you're using and when usage is the highest.

2. Use the Washing Machine Efficiently

Washing machines are one of the significant energy hogs in most households, especially if you're washing with hot water. Because modern clothing detergents are incredibly effective, the cool setting will works just as well to give your clothes an excellent clean while conserving energy. You should also make a habit of only running the machine with a full load, which uses proportionally much less water and energy than a smaller load.

3. Use Power Strips/Unplug Your Appliances

Electronics continue consuming energy even when turned off because they enter "standby" mode and keep drawing power. Add up every single appliance in your home, and it's quite a significant amount of energy getting leeched away unnecessarily. While the prospect of unplugging each device when it's not in use is unrealistic, what's possible is to use power strips strategically. Clustering the worst offenders together whenever feasible will allow you to develop the sensible habit of turning off some of the power strips when leaving the house.

Follow these steps to cut your energy bill by as much as 25 percent. For all of your HVAC needs, contact Texas AC & Plumbing Specialist at (512) 580-7551.

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