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Keep These 7 Foods Out of Your Garbage Disposal

Keep These 7 Foods Out of Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is one mean high-torque machine, capable of shredding through almost anything tossed its way—again, almost anything. There are certain foods you should avoid putting down the sink because they could damage one of the handiest appliances in your kitchen and cause severe clogs.

Here are seven foods that belong in the garbage can, not the garbage disposal.

1. Celery

Produce such as celery, corncobs and asparagus have stringy fibers that can tangle around the disposal’s blades. Toss these foods in the trash, or better yet, compost them.

2. Eggshells

The jury is still out on this one. One side argues that eggshells can actually help sharpen the blades. Others contend that the membrane lining can gum up the works. Play it safe and keep shells out of the disposal.

3. Fruit Pits

Peach pits and avocado seeds can wreak serious havoc on your disposal. You might as well toss rocks down your sink.

4. Potato Peels

While potato peels won’t damage the disposal, they will cause serious plumbing problems down the line. Peels form a sticky, starchy buildup in the drain. A clog will be the eventual result.

5. Pasta

Anyone who has cooked pasta has seen how it expands in water. Toss it down the drain and it will continue to swell. Let the dog eat it.

6. Coffee Grounds

They’re already ground, so what’s the problem? The issue is coffee grounds don’t break down in water. Instead, they clump and clog. A better idea: put them in your houseplants.

7. Grease

Grease and oil don’t dissolve down the drain. They congeal, sticking to the interior, collecting other bits of food debris that pass through the pipe.


Bottom line: The garbage disposal is one of the most convenient tools in your kitchen. Keep it working properly and your drains flowing freely. For all of your plumbing needs, contact Texas AC & Plumbing Specialist at (512) 580-7551.


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